You Have a Choice

Preserve the value of your perpetual licenses

Upgrade Your Autodesk Perpetual Licenses

Archway Systems is a Channel Partner of Bentley Systems for over 25 years. We are here to help you get the best deal you can with Bentley software. Right now, if you can prove you own Autodesk licenses (don’t worry, you get to keep them!), you can get up to a 50% credit towards any Bentley software. Have a project that you need to use Bentley software? This is a great time to get a license! Just sign up below to get a free, no obligation quote for the software of your choice.

Bentley has offered perpetual licenses and term license subscriptions for many years. Most of our user organizations leverage both licensing models. We believe that you, not us, should decide what works best for your organization. Though Autodesk has discontinued offering all of their perpetual licenses, Bentley will continue to offer perpetual licenses. You will not lose this choice with Bentley.

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You Have a Choice

Protect the value of your at-risk investment by upgrading your Autodesk perpetual license to Bentley applications. Here’s how:

  • Determine the applications you wish to exchange
  • Contact Archway so that we can determine your credit
  • Use your credit toward purchase of Bentley applications

“Bentley’s new Autodesk License Upgrade Program was a fitting solution for our organization – a small business who is experiencing growth. With Bentley’s CONNECT Edition applications, our users came up to speed quickly and are already realizing impressive productivity gains.”

Roy Kim

Principal, PacRim Engineering

Archway Systems - Your Choice for Software & Training

Archway Systems has been a Channel Partner for Bentley Systems for over 25 years. We are very knowledgeable in the different software offerings of Bentley including MicroStation, InRoads, AECOsim Building Designer, ContextCapture, WaterGEMS, and many more. We sell and train these software and can help you and your company figure out the best software solutions for you. Check out our training classes here at

Bentley Perpetual Licenses

Bentley perpetual licenses are evergreen and always maintain their value under SELECT.

  • Receive updates and comprehensive support
  • Use any version of any application
  • Annually exchange licenses for other applications.

With these advantages, you preserve the value of your software investment and ensure that you have exactly the right software to address your needs.

Benefits to You

  • With a perpetual license, you own the software forever
  • Qualify for projects demanding Bentley (HSR, USACE, many federal, state and local governments, etc.)
  • Portfolio balance every year (need more structural and less CAD, no problem)
  • Top productivity
  • Best interoperability (Read AutoCAD files directly, the most translators included, iModels, etc.)
  • Breakthrough technology – CONNECT Edition, 3D models from photos, conceptual design with thorough detail)
  • 24x7x365 support
  • Free mobile apps
  • Use any version, any time
  • Better than concurrent licensing