Bentley BASH Software downloads

Choose the software relevant to the classes you are attending. Click to download, and then double click to begin the install wizard and launch the program. If listed, you can download the Datasets and materials for the class as well.

Using the CONNECTION Client to register the software, use the following:

Email address:
Password: eWEq4:_g4#XMYsS

This will only be good through January 31st. **Remember if you already have Bentley software installed and licensed with CONNECT licensing on your computer, but not for the software you are using at the Bash, you must sign in with this temporary account (instead of your regular account) BEFORE you launch the software or else you risk your company being charged for usage of another software license.

Once the event is over, please re-sign in to CONNECTION Client with your own regular account to avoid any issues in licensing.

If you have any technical problems, please contact us ASAP, 714-374-0440.


MicroStation CONNECT Software – For all MicroStation Workshops


OpenRoads Designer – For all OpenRoads Designer Workshops

OpenRoads ConceptStation – For OpenRoads ConceptStation Workshop


RAM Structural System CONNECT Edition – For all RAM Hands-on Workshops


ContextCapture Software – For all ContextCapture/Reality Modeling Workshops

OpenBuildings Designer

OpenBuildings Designer – For all OpenBuildings Designer BIM Quickstart Workshops

Water & Sewer

OpenFlows WaterGEMS – For Introduction to Water Modeling Workshop

OpenFlows SewerGEMS – For Overview of Stormwater and Flood Modeling Workshop

  • For each of these, configure the software to unlimited number of pipes.