This 3 day workshop introduces students to an overview of all that OpenBuildings Designer has to offer. You will discover the workflows that occur in everyday Architecture modeling and have the opportunity to experiment with them yourself. You will learn to model with slabs, stairs, columns and roofs. You will also learn the basics of floor, wall and ceiling modeling. You will also get to work with placing casework, circulation items such as ladders, escalators, ramps and elevators and place curtain walls.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Model Solids
  • Work with Google 3D Warehouse
  • Create 3D PDF
  • Add Instance Data
  • Create a Column Grid
  • Work with the Floor Manager
  • Place and Modify Star, Railing, Slabs, Steel and Concrete Columns and Roofs
  • Compose the 3D Model
  • Create Views (2D)
  • Use Drawing Rules
  • Use the Floor Selector
  • Work with Spaces
  • Create and modify Walls
  • Use Heads up Display
  • Place and modify doors and windows
  • Create Ceiling Grids
  • Manage data using datagroup explorer
  • Place Casework
  • Place Circulation Items, such as ladders, escalators, ramps and elevators
  • Place curtain walls and Louvers
  • Create Named dimensions and constraints
  • Use 2D path and constraints
  • Use components array as a method of placement

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